Looking for a job:

  • Want to work abroad?
  • Are you a student and want to work occasionally in your profession?
  • Have an idea or are you working on a project?
  • Already employed and looking for another job?
  • Do you want to quickly gain new work experience, knowledge and skills?
  • Want to do a specific job that interests you in a particular business?

Through its network of clients and partners Profesio helps you find a job whether to connect you directly with the Employer and get a job or to work with an Employer as an agency worker.

Employment through the Agency gives employees a simpler approach than directly with employers. At the same time, with the additional security provided by the Agency, you can pursue your work experience, qualify for the job, and expand your network of business contacts that the Agency makes for you. Some of the benefits of hiring through the Agency are making it easier to move to the next job, which shall certainly be faster and easier because of the exceptional administrative support you have from the Agency.

If you have just completed your education or have been unemployed for a long time with our Agency, it shall be easier to return to your work environment.

As an employee employed through the Agency, you enjoy the same rights as employees who are employed directly with the Employer, primarily with regard to the right to vacation, sick leave and other rights.
The Agency provides every employee with administrative, legal, professional and pedagogical support, always for the common good and growth of the employee.