If the CV is sent as an attachment, it is necessary to write the subject of the e-mail, and write a few sentences in the content that greet the person receiving the application, and express the intention to send the email.

The CV is sent as an attachment, it is not written in the content of the email.

The situation of the employer concluding from the CV that the candidate is looking for any job should definitely be avoided. It is necessary to adapt the CV to the specific job vacancy, and pay special attention to the cover letter in which the reason for applying for the position in question is explained.

This certainly seems unprofessional, imprecise and messy, and these are not the qualities by which a candidate wants to be remembered by a future employer.

Do not forget to list all required qualifications for the advertised job. Do not omit other important elements of the resume, such as personal and contact information.

It is obligatory to state in the cover letter which position you are applying for because some companies may have several different open job vacancies at the same time and may not know which position the application has been sent for.

By this, from the very beginning, the candidate gives the impression of not respecting the set deadlines and time of the employer.

If the candidate lives outside the place for which the vacancy is open, it is necessary to emphasize the readiness to relocate because otherwise the employer gets the impression that the application was sent by mistake.