We are a temporary employment agency Profesio, and our job is to help the companies in finding good workers.

Ustupanje radnika u svojim počecima najčešće se koristilo za prebrođivanje kratkih v

In the beginning, hiring-out of workers was mostly used to overcome short periods of time with an increased workload, and only in specific branches.

We want to provide our clients with service of the highest quality. Along with an optimal service, a partnership is included as well.

It is in our interest to get familiar with your company and create solutions according to your wishes and needs.

What makes our Agency stand out is that, apart from hiring-out of workers, we offer to our clients, where appropriate, complete solutions such as employee management, training and similar activities.

We are not just any kind of supplier partner to our clients. We also help with difficult situations, and above all with the development of really good and creative concepts.