The main activity of the Profesio Agency is the provision of Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services – HR Outsourcing and Payroll service.

The employment contract between the employee and Profesio is signed in case of temporary employment, as well as the Contract on assignment between Profesio and the Beneficiary (the company to which the employee is assigned).

We register employees to pension and health insurance, pay salaries, keep records of vacations, as well as all necessary administrative and legal work for human resources.

Assignment of employees is available in three models, depending on your needs:

  • PAYROLL MODEL – complete administration and calculation based on monthly labor costs.
  • EFEKT MODEL – charging only hours worked effectively. Profesio takes on the costs and risks of vacations, sick leave, feasts, holidays and severance pay.
  • ADMIN MODEL –with the choice of one of the two above mentioned Profesio models, in the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia, it takes complete care of the management and control of employees, education, etc.


The goal of the recruitment, selection and realization process itself is to find, with minimal cost, an adequate number of top quality candidates for the Client.

The process involves the identification, evaluation system and use of unique candidate sources as well as the application of appropriate selection methods, in order to assess all the required competencies of candidates.

With years of experience, we offer our clients the highest level of recruitment and selection services.

Our recruiters shall provide you:

  • a large pool of candidates
  • the required expertise
  • save your time
  • advertising on major portals, radio stations, regional newspapers, social networks and more.


Coaching is always focused on the present and the future. How to do and do something completely different now and thus directly affect the future of the business. In this way, we focus on finding your solution in order to be more satisfied, successful and happy in your business.

The goal is to direct and train, so that you can realize your abilities independently towards the goal or solution. Coach does not make decisions for you or provide you with ready-made solutions, does not criticize, does not tell you what and how you should work, but gives you guidance from the angle of objectivity that is the key to success in hard core business.

They say that the best coaches are the shadows of the greatest leaders, the people who encourage the best in people through their profession and experience.